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Running a business activity on real markets and on financial markets, managing commercial entities or supervising them involves always increasing risks. They occur in various areas, they are often quite complex and complicated, and they can result in various kinds of liability of its managers. More and more often business transactions involve criminal-law risks, which expose managers, entrepreneurs and organisations to criminal and criminal-fiscal liability. In this context it becomes significant for managers to properly prepare for their professional activity, to have legal awareness, the skill of preventing risks and properly reacting to those that occur, to select the right legal advisor or counsel for defence, and finally to design adequate protection of their property, be it private or the organisation's property.

As a response to those needs the Chmielniak Adwokaci Law Firm has created a team of highly specialised lawyers who deal with providing protection for managers and organisations in the field of criminal business law, criminal fiscal law, as well as protection against financial penalties for breach of obligation of information on the capital market.

We represent managers and organisations in criminal business cases and in criminal fiscal cases both in pre-trial and court proceedings. We act as counsels for the defence and as proxies of the harmed or of subsidiary and private prosecutors. We represent organisations and managers in cases concerning imposition of administrative penalties for breach of financial obligations on the capital market, both by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and by the courts and we implement compliance procedures in enterprises, which ensure compliance of operations with the provisions of the law and security.

Our team is composed of specialists in criminal law and criminal procedure, tax law, company law, civil law and public procurement law.

Apart from legal protection, willing to provide maximum security for our Clients, we cooperate with expert auditors, officially sworn translators, patent attorneys, academics, a PR agency and with companies that deal with computer forensics as well as protection against surveillance.